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Niranjana Pubic Welfare Trust has grown from small beginnings as a school for poor children in 2000. Since then, numerous initiatives have been developed to support and educate children of poor families from villages up to 35km from the site of the main school, orphanage and clinic facility.



Providing love, food, education and healthcare for currently 22 orphan children.

We also provide in-home support for some poor families. Niranjana workers believe it's every child's right to grow up in a happy and healthy environment.

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Community health


Providing health care and education to the poor villages around Bodhgaya.

We provide a clinic in Sujata Village, mobile clinics to isolated regions, constant health promotion campaigns, all in collaboration with the villagers.

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We have provided pumps for drinking water and irrigation and now have plans for more.

We aim to install desperately needed tube wells in various villages. We are also working with the village health committees to support installation of latrines.

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Women's empowerment


Our training centre is dedicated to teaching marginalised women useful trade skills.

With free annual skill training courses held for illiterate women, dozens of mums are now able to earn a living and provide for their families. 

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Several hundred students are receiving a high standard of education free in our:

• Main school (around 325 boys + girls)
• Satellite schools in isolated regions
• Senior classes
• Adult literacy classes
• Sewing classes for rural women

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