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Devendra Pathak

Devendra is Principal of Niranjana Public Welfare School and co-founder and trustee of Niranjana Public Welfare Trust. He has a masters degree, and has devoted his life to educating disadvantaged children.

Devendra also oversees most of the operations on-the-ground and does it all with the infectious smile that we all love.

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Dr Pramod

Dr Pramod manages our clinic operations and his tireless dedication has been a huge contributor to the health initiative's success. He works three days a week in the clinic and at other times, goes out to remote villages to treat the sick that are unable to travel to our clinic.

Dr Pramod sees Niranjana as part of his family and often brings his little girl Kushi (meaning 'Happy') to visit the Niranjana team.



A teacher at Niranjana Public, Sunil is also helping with our kitchen gardens training program. Here's his take on things:

Hello, I am Sunil Kumar. I am a teacher of Niranjana School. I teach Science. I have been teaching in Niranjana since 2003. I belong to Ghonghriya village, about 6km from Niranjana. I am a supervisor of the Niranjana hostel so I take care day and night of hostel students. I love much the Niranjana staff, students and guests of Niranjana. I am very happy to teach here. I want to see every year new things. I always try to create new things that are good for Niranjana students. I am satisfied to do this job because this school supports many poor people and students who benefit.

I wish to God for Niranjana is going well and helping more and more poor people and students. I wish to God one thing more, that Niranjana students get a good education and they become kind people. Those students will help more people and remove the poorest of the world. The world is peace.



Jitendra is our male health educator. He is responsible for planning and implementing all health education interventions in the villages and in the clinic, and collaborates with Aarti, our female nurse and health educator. His motivation and dedication make him a very important member of our health team. Here's his take on things: 

Hello, I am Jitendra kumar from TikaBigha (Bodhgaya). I am a Health Educator for Niranjana Community Health Initiative Bakrour. I want to change villagers lifestyle. I want give education of health among the villagers.   



Aarti Devi is our female health educator. Her background is in remote-area nursing and she has worked for many years along-side her husband, who is a doctor. She was trained as an 'Area Nurse Midwife (ANM)' by the Indian Government's 'National Rural Health Mission' programme. Here is her take on things: 

I am Aarti Devi from Niranjana Community Health Initiative. I work as a health educator and I am teaching people in villages about good health practices. I teach about many health issues that affect people in the villages, including anaemia, malaria, HIV/AIDS, malnutrition and skin diseases. I am very happy to teach here.



Chitranjan is has been a teacher at our school for many years. He recently became a dad too! Here's his take on things:

I am Chitranjan Pathak from Bakrour I am a teacher at Niranjana public welfare school and I teach English and Computers. I am very happy to work here because I want to serve poor and helpless people. I spend all my spare time in Niranjana orphanage. I want to serve orphan people too. I am working here since 2003. Niranjana public welfare trust is a very good NGO. It is doing much work for poor and helpless people, such as Niranjana health clinic, school, orphanage and sewing center.




Sumant is our tech-wiz and one of the youngest members of our team. He was once a student of our senior tutoring classes. Here's his take on things:

Hi, I am Sumant Kumar Mishra - a Computer Teacher in Niranjana Public Welfare   School (NPWS). I Believe in Hard work From Teacher and Student both. I have     dedicated my career to excel the student Performance. My goal is to make NPWS famous all over the world for its qualitative, holistic and grastic education.



Madhuri Devi has taught at our school for many years and two of her children are currently students of the primary school. Here is her take on things:

I am Madhuri Devi from Niranjana Public Welfare School. I like Niranjana School because I want to teach orphans and poor children there. The students of Niranjana School are very honest and brave. So, I like the students very much. My dream is to succeed in to teaching orphans and poor students.



Arvind is our Hindi teacher and administrative assistant to the principal. Here's his take on things:

I am Arvind Thakur from Niranjana Public welfare school. I was eager to teach before when I was a child. Now I am very happy and glad to teach in Niranjana School. I am teacher of Hindi subject. I put a lot of effort into my classes. I love the children very much. I like to teach very well in Niranjana School student so that they get good profit from their time here. I pray that Niranjana continues doing well. 



Ramsish is captain of the Niranjana Jeep. Without Ramesey's A-Class 4WD skills we would struggle to access many of the rural villages we work in. Without Ramesey's extensive Indian music collection the journeys would be a lot less entertaining. Here's his take on things:

I am Ramsish. I am the driver for Niranjana. I have been living here with the students since April 2009. I am happy to be the Niranjana driver. I always pray to God for driving safety. I am from Ghonghriya village, 6km from Bakrour. I am the oldest in the family. I have four children. I am happy to meet Niranjana students and the staff. I am happy because there is a cow in the school that I have the chance to look after. I very much enjoy listening to music while driving.


Ram Kumar

Ram Kumar is our wonderful cook. He has worked at Niranjana for years, making delicious meals for the orphan children and has a smiling face that all our volunteers seem to love. He is also known to teach visitors how to make traditional Indian dishes like chapati, masala subji, and puri.

I am Ram Kumar from Bakrour, Bodhgaya. I like very much Niranjana school I am joining on 2003. My work is cook. I want to visit Australia. 



Rakesh is our mathematics teacher. He also tutors the senior students in the afternoons. This is his take on things:

I am Rakesh kumar from Bakrour. Niranjana Public Welfare School is NGO in which we teach over three hundred students and also twenty two orphanage children. They gain good knowledge from that school. I am Mathematics teacher in this school. I have taught many schools but I like to teach Niranjana public Welfare School because they come in the punctual time and also neat and clean. When I give the home work student do that work. All students follow the all rules and regulation of the school. All teachers are very well and good behaviour. One day, I'd like to study engineering.



Puja is a very active member of our team. She teaches our young primary students a range of subjects and sometimes assists the volunteers in health education lessons. Here's her take on things:

I am Puja Kumari from Niranjana School. My hobbies are to reading, teaching and singing. I like Niranjana Public Welfare School because it is very nice school. I want to teach here because I want to teach orphan and poor children. The student of Niranjana School is very honest and active so, I like student very much. My dream is to have success in my life and teach orphan and poor students. I want to help Niranjana Public Welfare School progress. I want to be a good teacher of Niranjana School.



Satyendra is a kind and gentle character. He teaches the youngest children in our primary school. Here's his take on things:

I am Satyendra Pathak from Niranjana Public Welfare School. I teach often Nursery and L.K.G class. I like to teach maths and Hindi subject. I am very happy to teach here. I want to always see the Niranjana going well. Students are the future of my country, so I want to help students do well in                                  their future.



Sanjeev is one of our all-rounders. He has a role in the clinic and the school. Here's his take on things:

I am Sanjeev kumar from Usari (Arwal). I have worked as a union pharmacist as a M.R. I met Siddhartha and as I want to serve for poor people that’s why I am working as the clinic administrator and I am also teaching senior secondary and orphan children. I am very happy to work here because I love the orphan children and working to help poor people.



Satish is one of our very dedicated teachers at Niranjana's primary school. Here's his take on things:

I am Satish Kumar from Niranjana School. I have been working for 4 years. I am teaching social science. All teachers are intelligent and are working here by heart so students like us. All students are learning good knowledge here. When I teach students understand very quick. I like NPWS and I like all staffs. I give advice to all students to keep own self neat and clean. Some students follow but some are not following because his parents are not able to follow. When i give the home work, they do home work everyday. I think highly of the orphans students in our school. It is my aim to do work to benefit society.



Rajeev is our dispensary man. He also helps out with other aspects of the health clinic and the orphanage. Being brother to Rakesh and best mates with Sumant; Rajeev also spends alot of time at the hostel.


Kanchan is a great teacher at the school, with lots of understanding and patience with the children. She is also an advanced computer student and part of the women's sewing centre. Whichever path of these she follows - she will be successful!


Neelam is one of our health clinic all rounders. She mainly works as our clinic receptionist but also helps out our nurse and is currently training in vitals checking and immunisations. Neelam has been part of the health clinic since the beginning and it wouldn't be the same without her infectious giggle and two beautiful daughters making the place bright every day. 


Lalji began work for Niranjana as our clinic vital's checker. He now runs our branch school in his home village, Nima, as well as being the village social worker and Niranjana correspondant. Lalji is a genuine, ALWAYS happy and smiling man. He is very smart and helpful which means he is an invaluable member to Niranjana and for his own village people. 

Abhey and Uday

Abhey and Uday help out with the health clinic - assisting with the dispensary and administration. These boys make life at clinic even more fun. They are quiet and intelligent and will no doubt end up following in the foot steps of the other clinic staff they work with.

Nirmala, Anju, Renu

These fine ladies are our sewing teachers. Their years of experience have been fantastic in training our local women. The women have skills covering all aspects of sewing and have happily passed these on to our young students.


Amrendra is our trusty accountant who visits once a week to update the books. With so many projects and different sources of funding to juggle, Amrendra helps Niranjana run as smoothly as possible!

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