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Higher Education Scholarship Fund

We have established a fund to financially support some of the Niranjana School graduates, allowing them to take on higher education.

In January 2009, Niranjana began its scholarship program supported by our Japanese partner organisation, Niranjana Sewa Sanga.

It is well known that a large part of India's population suffer due to poverty. We have seen that education is the most effective solution to this problem. However, in our part of the world, a good education is mostly limited to the wealthy. This is why we place so much importance on providing free primary and secondary school opportunities. However, we have decided to take this a step further and establish the Niranjana Scholarship Fund.

Goals for this initiative

We hope that when the students graduate university, they will return to their villages and contribute to improving their own communities, or indirectly contribute by being able to provide for their families and educate their younger family members.


When scholarship students gain employment after graduation, they are required to donate 5% of their income to the Fund. Thus the continuous chain of financial support will be established.

The 2009 Sewa Sanga scholarship recipients

The following students have been provided with complete expenses for accommodation, stationery and books, and admission fees which will continue until the completion of their courses: 

  1. Miss Nutan Kumari, D/o. Mr.Ravi Bhushan Prasad:
    'Bachelor General studies' at Spectrum Institute, Gaya.
  2. Mr Ranjeet Kumar, S/o. Mr. Balchand Choudhary:
    'Bachelor General studies' at Spectrum Institute, Gaya.
  3. Miss Pritee Kumari, D/o. Mr. Binod Singh:
    'Bachelor IT studies' at Indian Institute of Technology, Patna.
  4. Miss Archana Kumari, D/o. Mr. Raj kishor Prasad:
    'Bachelor General studies' at Spectrum Institute, Gaya. 

It takes around USD $5,000 to cover a student's expenses from high school until they graduate university. Please consider contributing to the Niranjana Scholarship Fund.

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