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Our free schools project was eststablished twelve years ago in very small quarters. Today, we are educating 325 children in our large primary school premises, 90 in remote satellite schools, dozens in senior tutoring classes, and providing a scholarship fund enabling students to go to high school and university.

How important is this project?

It responds to: Our state (Bihar) having the lowest literacy rate in India (47%)
Target population:
Significantly disadvantaged families up to 35km from Bakrour.
Expected number of beneficiaries:
325 children, and 50 teenagers and young adults every year
50% of NPWT funds

Increasing literacy has a number of important impacts:

  • Literacy is statistically linked to reduced levels of poverty
  • Educated girls are considered less affected by the endemic dowry system
  • Educated mothers are statistically shown to have smaller families, healthier babies and are likely to suffer less human rights abuses

Key results delivered so far:

  • Quality education delivered to 1500 children over the past 12 years
  • Parent/guardians have come to understand the importance of their child attending school
  • 350 students have graduated high school with the help of our senior tutoring
  • 200 students have gone on to university (learn about our scholarships program)


News & updates

New school and lunch program brings a smile to students faces
Niranjana’s main school in situated in Sujata village, but there are also 2 satellite schools in surrounding villages for the younger children who ...
Written by Volunteers,
The new term of school started!
The new term started on 21st June after summer holiday for 1 month.The number of students were around 130 due to wedding ceremony.Some class are ...
Written by Volunteers,
Meeting with guardians
Since new session of Niranjana School has been started from April, they organized guardian's meeting on 4th April 2010.Mr.Devendra Pathak, the ...
Written by Volunteers,
new admission going on
The new session of Niranjana School has been started from April.More than 250 children and their parents came to Niranjana and requested to get ...
Written by Volunteers,

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