Niranjana Public Welfare School


Children Day Celebrated in Niranjana & Beam School 14 NOv 2014

An Extraordinary Children’s Day

Today was no ordinary Children’s Day celebration at Niranjana school.  We were delighted to welcome the esteemed pediatrician Dr. Nandkishor Gupta and advocate (attorney) Mr. Mohammed Javed, members of the Lions Club in Gaya.  It was their first visit to Niranjana.  Dr. Gupta is a well-known doctor in Gaya, with patients waiting up to 3 hours to see him.

Following the morning prayers/meditation upon the school’s rooftop, the children welcomed the two gentlemen with song and flower garlands.  It was a perfect sunny day-- not too hot, not too cold.  The two gentlemen, along with Niranjana Director, Devendra Pathak, echoed the sentiment of what Children’s Day is all about. Dr. Gupta emphasized the importance of maintaining good actions.  Mr. Pathak told the children: “You are the hope of your family and society.  You should take the promise that you will never do anything to cause harm or unhappiness to either your parents or society.  Only do that which will make your parents proud.”  The children had taken off their sandals, placed them on the ground, and sat cross-legged, propped up by their footware.  Their eyes glowed with attentiveness.

Our guests were so impressed with the children and dedication of the staff that they offered to provide free medical services to each child.  Without being asked to do so!  They promised to bring other medical professionals with them by early 2015 for this project, including free medicine as needed.

Also present were Niranjana’s chairman Siddhartha Kumar given responsible speech and shared love with the children and briefly explain about the coming future plan for new children at Niranjana project,

Volunteer Cece Anna Lee from the U.S., and sponsor Mr. Yoshimoto-san from Osaka, Japan.  Mr.Rakesh Kumar & All the staffs, Mr. Yoshimoto-san brought 200 high-quality notebooks and pens for the students.  Dr. Gupta and Mr. Javed treated the 20 orphanage boys to boxed lunches and stationary supplies.  

Instead of the routine class schedule, levels 5, 6, and 7 participated in art and general knowledge competitions.  In a less than 2 hours, these students generated beautiful drawings that will be judged this weekend for prizes.  General knowledge quizzes contain questions such as “Who was the Buddha”, “Who is the current president of the United States,” etc., as well as questions from science, math, and other disciplines.  Students with the highest scores will win prizes in this competition after review.

About a dozen children were invited to present brief speeches about Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India, who loved children very much, and from whom the annual Children’s Day holiday had originated.  Afterwards, fresh new monthly notebooks, biscuits and candy were handed out to each child in both schools.  In addition, the top students in their percentile were recognized for high achievements.  At Beam School, 173 children participated today.  At Niranjana School, 427 children participated. 

The true meaning of Children’s Day is to bring happiness to children. When their hearts are overflowing, it pours out everywhere!  At the end of the day, many staff members said, “I’m so happy today, because the children are so happy.”