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Chandan poses for the camera
Chandan poses for the camera

Congratulations Raj and Big Chandan on their winning stories!

Earlier this year, all the Niranjana orphan hostel boys were involved in a story writing competition. They were asked to write a story about their life at school and at the hostel. After two days of brainstorming, writing and a little bit of written translation work from Hindi to English, by the talented Laxmi Kumar the stories were in. The winning stories are to be published in the Niranjana Newsletter.

Well done to the winners Raj and Big Chandan and all of the boys for their great stories!!!

Raj Kumar – About my life at Niranjana School
I am Raj Kumar. Once upon a time I came to Niranjana when there were not so many boys. That time there were only ten boys, but now there are twenty-two boys. When I met all the boys I was very happy. I am lucky because I have met my sponsor and many famous people at Niranjana, who have given lots of happiness. I have never seen a computer back home, but now I have seen many computers. I am learning many things at Niranjana in class and on the computer. We are very joyful Niranjana boys! I like school very much, I have been here for five years and enjoy reading storybooks and I want to be a football player, it is my favourite game!


(Big) Chandan Kumar – Good Messages
This is my life story in Niranjana hostel. I am big Chandan, student of Niranjana Public Welfare School. I am so happy to living at Niranjana hostel and I am so lucky to come here. It was best for me because when I was not living at Niranjana hostel I did not know why everyone studies. When I came to Niranjana School, that time I was feeling how can I live here without my family. I came here and all the boys said to me if you don’t mind we are all your brothers, but that time I did not like study. My family told me that school is good for you and that school can help you with your life dreams. That is why I followed my family’s decision and came to Niranjana.

At that time I met very different people from different countries and I looked at all the hostel boys talking with them. That time I didn’t know English, after this I studied very hard and now I can speak English and talk with them and all other people.

This school has good society and good facility and the school is famous in Japan! The headmaster and all staff are very kind. They have given us different education aswell, like we study Mishanga (bracelet weaving) and sewing. Fours years ago the school was not very popular like it is now. We were so lucky because we had not a famous actor before, but an actor Youske Asai that is popular in some other country came to this school.

15 days ago Siddhartha (Niranjana Director) told us that Bihar has so many poor children and some of the children want to study, but they have no money and feel like I did about study. That’s why Bihar children are not studying, but Siddhartha thinks about what should we do for Bihar children, how to develop Bihar. Siddhartha is really very good man, he does not feel for just our house, but has feelings for all Bihar. This is the type of messages we learn from Siddhartha and school.

This is myheart message with niranjana between me (this is the message I have in heart that I have received from Niranjana). Siddhartha is so kind and all the staff are also like that. We should also be like Siddhartha.

Good messages from Big Chandan


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Congratulations Raj and Big Chandan on their winning stories!
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