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Chandan poses for the camera
Chandan poses for the camera

Cricket tournament organizer

 It is summer holiday in Niranjana School till 22nd June.

There are no boys in hostel.

One day, Vikram Kumar came and saw me, and said,

"Hey, Okazu san, will you be free tomorrow evening?"

"Yes, but why?"

"Final match of cricket tournament will be held. I and Big Chandan organized it."

"It's wonderful! I'm sure to go!"

"OK. See you tomorrow."

There were more than 50 children and watching match. Vikram was working very well as an organizer.

8 teams from 5villages took part in the tournament. At the final match, Maji super team and Baritula played.

Both team were from Bakrour(Sujata village). Manji super team got 57runs. It was not so many runs.

Baritula played well, at the final stage of match, Baritula got 45runs, they had 3 wikets, 20 balls.

Every audience were feeling Baritula could win.

But, when Baritula got 49runs, they lost 1 wiket, and when Baritula got 53runs, they lost more 1 wiket!

Big cheer came from audience to Manji super team.

The number of ball was 4. Audience were gulping...

Manji super team would get last wiket or Baritula would get 4runs!?

At last, Baritula's batsman hit 4run! Baritula won the match!

Big trophy was given to team leader of Baritula at awarding ceremony and some children were chosen for good player.


Vikram Kumar answered for interview.



"Why did you and Big Chandan organized this tournament?"

"We just wanted to enjoy our summer holiday."

Their motivation let at least 88 children move. I clapped for their action from my heart.



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Cricket tournament organizer
 It is summer holiday in Niranjana School till 22nd June.There are no boys in hostel.One day, Vikram Kumar came and saw me, and said,"Hey, Okazu ...
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