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Learning a trade, earning a living

Women's empowerment


Women's empowerment
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The Women

Currently there are 20 permanent women in this project and another 10 that work casually. There is also a new class of 30 women being trained. These women have been selected from a larger group with priority given to those that had completed the training. We also let some new recruits join the team who will learn as they go. Many of the women are still studying at school and college. 

The women are provided with a comfortable working environment as well as supplied with food and drink as requested. For those situated in villages far away a transport cost is also provided. For the hot month of April (above 40 degrees!), fans are in place (when the power is running) for the women. The women are also able to bring their babies along if they can not be left at home.

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Women's empowerment program doubles in size as new opportunities arise
2010 saw the release of the Nimai-Nitai project which enables products made by the Niranjana Sewing Centre to be sold through fair trade in ...
Written by Volunteers,
Women's empowerment update
The classes in the sewing centre are well underway and the women are really enjoying using their new skills.  There are 7 sewing machines which are ...
Written by George,

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