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Chandan poses for the camera

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Nutrition plan

Health and nutrition professionals recently volunteered to devise a nutrition plan to ensure the well being of the children at the hostel.

This was a difficult task, due to the lacto-vegetarian diet of the children. But with close monitoring of the current menu (though a food diary and general observations) combined with knowledge of seasonal local produce and it's costs a plan has been made. This is being monitored and will be modified if needed.

The diets of the villagers is also being assessed currently, and it's possible that the hostel's new plan may become a template for improving the health via diet on a wider scale. 

Note: The nutrition plan still includes traditional meals and does not vary greatly from the foods already consumed, there has just been modifcations made to optimise the nutrients the boys receive. This also includes adopting some new food preparation methods. 

A major factor in the sustainabilty of this plan was the education of the staff on the basics of nutrition and most importantly, what is needed to supply all nutrients often derived from eggs and meat.


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