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Saraswati Festival. (Siddharta, Divendra, George, Alison, Andrew & Okazu)
Saraswati Festival. (Siddharta, Divendra, George, Alison, Andrew & Okazu)


We believe that any person that feels they have something to contribute to a project like ours would be a valuable asset. Exciting new directions have come from the fresh perspective and initiative of past volunteers from different walks of life. So while we remain open minded as to who contributes to our projects, we list below some specific needs we currently have:

  • Medical administrators
  • First Aid trainers
  • Medical practitioners
  • Nurses and health educators
  • English teachers
  • Anyone who can help up-skill our teachers

You can meet some of our volunteers here. If you are interested in volunteering you can read more and please get in contact.

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